Hey, I'm making a command system and I need help deleting the bubble chat

Hey, everyone! My name is Oliver and I’m currently making an open-world, Los Angeles, RP game.

Because this is an RP game I’m trying to make a /me & /do command. I finished the script but I want it to delete the bubble chat message every time you say “/me, /do, /s, /l .” I have no idea how to do this, can someone help?


Has anyone been able to help? I’ve been trying but still can’t :frowning:

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Are you using the default Roblox Lua Chat System?

If so, Roblox already has a default /me command that you can look at and view the code for.

(On the right sidebar of the page linked above, you’ll see “Command Functions” that lets you run commands and the like from chat after processing a message, and then it won’t send the message through to the other players.)

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