HH Staff Rules and Guidelines

Hilton Hotels Staff Rules and Guidelines:

Staff Rules:

  1. Everybody without exception must go through the application/Training process. Medium and High Ranks are not applicable. They are earned, never sold, traded or granted to friends.

  2. Do not keep on asking for promotions. MRs are earned based on work ethics, activity and availability. HRs are based on need and they are a team decision.

  3. Receptionists and up are the only ones who can give rooms. The board is programmed for rank 7 + only.

  4. Staff can work down, but not up (Excluding the security rank). If you are a receptionist, you may work bar or housekeeping in the event there are several receptionists. However, if you are a housekeeper or Bar-Staff you may not work as a receptionist.

  5. Suites are given only to guests who are in the suite lines.

Admin Abuse:

  1. Do not use M unnecessarily. M is used only for important guest announcements. Communicate only important things with fellow staff members with PM.

  2. Do not TP or Bring HR unless it is critical. PM them if you need them instead.

  3. Profanity, handcuff abuse or other obvious major admin abuse will result in immediate removal of rank instead of suspension and without a re-hiring opportunity. Unintentional and minor admin abuse (Such use of M, TP of wrong person, etc) will result in a warning. 3 warnings lead to suspension.

So you want to be promoted?

Are you active? Are you dedicated? Good work ethics?

All high ranks promote users who do not ask for promotions. Promotions are earned based on activity, those who are taking care of our customers have great grammar and act professional at all times.


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