HH Training Guide

Hilton Hotels Training Guide:

Rank 4- Housekeeping

As a Housekeeping you will be at the housekeeping desk at the hotel. You will get three tools: broom, vacuum and trolley. You can go around the hotel and Clean the Floors and make sure the hotel is Tidy & nice. To get each tool, just click on them, they are in the staff area of the hotel. To clean just hold out the tool and act like you are cleaning the Floors. If someone needs you to clean their room, go and flush the toilet, open shower doors if they are closed, shut off the water if it is left on. You can also give out information about the hotel if they come and ask you.

Rank 5- Bar-Staff

As a Bar-Staff you are going to serve the guests with the food & drinks they desire. We have milkshakes, nachos and churros. The milkshakes and nachos have to be made by putting one ingredient at the time. Once you have all the desired food, use the Hand-To tool and give out the food.

Rank 6- Security

As a security you are going to patrol the hotel, keep an eye for disruptions and protect the game from rioting and haters. Your goal is to make sure the hotel is a happy and safe place of the guests. The three main rules of the security team is patience: Don’t lose your cool if you encounter a troller, always act professional. Three-strike system: Make sure you give three warnings before you cuff them and ask a medium or high rank to kick them. Abuse: Do not abuse the handcuff and segway that you are given, they are given to make your job easier, not to use them at random and for not reason.

Rank 7- Receptionist

As a Receptionist you are going to be handing out rooms to others.

To give a player a room you will say “give PLAYER ROOM 201” or whatever other room number
To give a player a Suit you will say “give PLAYER Suit 200”

We know Suit is supposed to be spelled Suite, but in this case for the board we say Suit.

To take a Room away/clear it you say the same command only you say take: “Take player room 201”

The board will automatically take away the room if they leave or die so you will not have to do Room Checks!

The Gold Lane is the Fast lane you must serve these Guest first. The White lane is the Suite lane you will be handing these people suites. The other 2 blue lanes are STANDARD ROOMS. If someone asks for a Suite in a lane other than the White lane DO NOT Hand them a Suite.

When talking to a Guest you are going to start with a Friendly greeting like “Hello! Welcome to Hilton Hotels how may I help you today?”

The self check in machines only work for people who have the fast lane game pass for regular rooms or the suite game pass to get either a room or a suite.

Hilton V5 has 4 rooms and 1 suite per floor. There is a suite elevator and a room elevator.


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