Hidden Dualshock 4 Documentation?

I noticed that if you connect a dualshock 4 controller to a computer (via usb charger) that you can control the character. One thing that surprised me was that it showed xbox ui. Is this just cause there wasnt a point to add ps4 ui or is there some secret dualshock documentation or is it just binded to xbox controls? And which ones?

There’s no market for PS in Roblox, no point adding DualShock support when the console isn’t even supported.

Though, if you are fine with it, you can map the controller keys to the xbox’s one, which will require other softwares/kexts.

My question though is what specific dualshock keys bind to the xbox ones? I don’t think there is a options button for xbox…

Pretty sure it was forced to bind to the xbox ones.

If you want to know which key in DS leads to which key in Xbox’s, try coding an InputBegan test that presents the current keycode, and then press each key in your DS.

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Okay so here were the keycode enums I found

X - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonA
Square - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonX
Triangle - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonY
Circle - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonB

UpArrow - Enum.KeyCode.DPadUp
DownArrow - Enum.KeyCode.DPadDown
LeftArrow - Enum.KeyCode.DPadLeft
RightArrow - Enum.KeyCode.DPadRight

black rectangle - no output and enum
L1 - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonL1
R1 - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonR1

L2 - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonL2
R2 - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonR2

Share button - Enum.KeyCode.ButtonSelect
Options - No enum (shows wheel)

Playstation button - No output and enum
L3 - Enum.KeyCode.L3
R3 - Enum.KeyCode.R3
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You can play roblox with DS4. You need roblox app from windows

Actually, as shown in the video I didnt need windows or their roblox application