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Hey, i was wondering if its possible to hide the models/assets from your profile. I deleted my models so they are no longer in my inventory however they are still showing up on my profile. i know i can hide my inventory but i dont really want to do that unless its the only option. i know i can replace the models but there is one i cant replace, its not coming up when i press overwrite so its stuck there. Ive heard that the models show even tho you set them to private because they show the last models no matter what. so i was wondering on how i can hide those last 2 models or i can just upload blank ones so they show up as the last models? What about models/assets in the future can i create a private group and upload the models there and they wont show on my profile? Thanks <3

Hey hi, good question!

No, this is not possible. ROBLOX wants you to have at least 1 own model on your profile.

You could do it another way. If you have uploaded several models to ROBLOX only you want to keep them “private”. Then you could upload 1 asset and add it to your profile. Then it will only be visible and your other models will not be shown on your profile page.

How to add it to your profile:

After you did that it will looks like this:

I hope this is enough information for you and that I have answered your question. If this is the case, be sure to mark my answer as “Solution” so that I can improve my status.




Thanks :smile:

it worked perfectly, I feel like roblox should make that system easier. but we just gotta work with what we got for now

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