Hide N' Seek: A Fully Customizable Game!

Introducing Hide N’ Seek!: A Fully Customizable Game

To assist those who want to create a hide and seek game, I created a small project. which is a collection of resources combined to make a complete hide and seek game!

How can I obtain it?

The game file will be linked down below!

How Can I Make My Own Maps?

It is very simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Create a model in the workspace and add whatever you want on it.
  2. Create another model inside the map model under the name of Spawns. And insert multiple parts called spawn, this is where hiders will spawn, also, don’t forget to insert a BoolValue inside each spawn part with the name of Occupied and its value to false.
  3. Finish everything by renaming your map!

How Can I Change Its Settings?

The game has two main scripts, you can edit the first one, which is just the stats, but you have to edit the main script too if you do that, but now, back to the settings.

You will find a settings folder inside the main script. You just have to edit those values and you are done!

How the game works:

Basically, when two players or more get in one server, the server will pick a random map, and a random seeker. After the intermission time runs out, every hider will go to the random spot in the map and hide for the estimated hide time. Then, the seeker will spawn in and tries to hunt down all the hiders before the game time runs out. If the seeker finds a hider, they have to run and touch them. The targeted player will then spawn in the intermission lobby again. And spectate the other hiders. If the time runs out or the seeker leaves, the hiders win, but if the seeker finds all the hiders or all the hiders leave, they win.

Update Log

V 1.1

Added random map support.
Fixed various bugs.
Added the settings folder.

V 1.0

Added Hide N’ Seek.

That’s basically it! Let me know if you like it.

Game file:
Hide And Seek.rbxl (105.4 KB)


Wow, its not everyday people do this

Can this use multiple maps?


Add attributes instead of going inside the code. That’s more accessible and easier for people who have 0 experience in scripting.


Now this is VERY interesting. I definitely haven’t seen that before. Might use it.

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Yep, I’m working on a map voting system soon!

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Thanks. Glad you like it!

I will be adding more soon.

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Alright, I’ll do that when I release a new version of the game.

Sure. I will do that. Thanks for the feedback!

Version 1.1 Released!

  • Added random map support.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Added the settings folder.
  • You can download the game file now!
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I suggest maybe trying to implement an auto-updater. Because that could save alot of time and people dont have to constantly reinsert the model just to get the updates.

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Hello, hame works really good but i cannot understang why game has only one round. I mean when I try to play with my friends after the first round threre is a sing that game has been started and then nothing happens(game doesn’t begin for a second time)


I have downloaded but cant understand how it works, when the round starts players stay in the interval area. What should be in Workplace\Map and what should be in ServerStorage\maps


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I had the same problem :frowning: Please let me know if you find the way to fix it

Thanks for this! I am using this for my game :slight_smile: