Hide severely disliked games from the front page

A bunch of people might have noticed those “Free Robux” or “ROBUX” games popping up way too frequently on the front page recently. The intentions of those games are not innocent though. Usually they steal your accounts information. Just a quick hover over the game though, show’s they’re heavily disliked.

Even though they’re heavily disliked, a lot of little kids will still fall for it because they don’t know any better. If roblox hid games with such terrible like-dislike ratios, It would make it much harder for these people to steal childrens account information


what happens when a game gets mass downvote botted?


For all much that is an issue, I think that is not the right way we should go about it.
What if someone gets the same army of bots to mass dislike some other game on the front page? Will it get taken down too?

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Isn’t that the point of having like/dislikes being verified accounts only? So that people can’t mass dislike games?


it’s still very possible to do with bots
you could also just have someone semi-famous tell everyone in their group/discord to go downvote a game because it’s competition, or just because they don’t like the creator


Most if not all of the bots that were posting spam comments (back when comments pages were still a thing) were verified accounts. Email verification doesn’t stop botting.

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That’s fair. But, I’m not saying it should be something like 75%+ or 65%+. Maybe something like 95%+, which would be very hard to get even if you’re famous.


That’s true too. This is probably a different suggestion in and of its self, but would implementing a captcha for liking/disliking be too difficult? It’d be worth it, stopping kids from getting scammed out of their account info.

Roblox is very anti captcha so thats not gonna happen : /

How come? I’m not sure I see why anyone would be against using captcha.

Bad user experience… Atleast thats what they always say.

lol they always choose Sunday when moderation is less active to spam their scam games smh. Games should be put into auto review if they receive a certain number of dislikes / reports in a short amount of time.


This has actually been going on all week which shows that this is becoming a serious problem that Roblox moderators and engineers need to address immediately.

Although, I don’t think hiding severely disliked games from the front page will stop these games because they can just use the bots to like the game.


This seems like such a minor thing, doesn’t it? Would people rather have their accounts stolen or have to enter 4-5 letters before submitting/sending something?

You can hire people to solve captchas (farms), and it’s not really a “one or the other” scenario. People falling for this won’t be saved by a captcha.

Less people will rate (do actions that require captchas) and bots would still be out there, no one wins.

I think if a game is severely disliked and has 90%+ dislikes, it should just automatically be flagged for moderation. That way, even if it’s a legitimate game, it can be put back up after the moderation finds nothing harmful, but if it’s a harmful game, it’ll be removed after getting moderated.

EDIT: And there should be a threshold for the total number of likes/dislikes too. That way a game with only 9 dislikes and 1 like won’t be automatically flagged. I’m not sure what that threshold number should be, though.


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Or, Once a game is massively disliked in some time, Roblox gets notified and they check that game to see if it is a scam or not.

The title of the game doesn’t really matter as they will still be able to use bots to get the game to the front page where thousands of unsuspecting players will rush to the game. In fact, they may do better off “disguising” the game as something like a tycoon or prison.

I think a better solution might be that;

There needs to be detection methods to catch games with improbable jumps in player counts. How can a legitimate game/experince on roblox with no ads or sponsorship created by an account that has 0 place visits in the past, no badges, no hats, and only a few suspicious favorited games (which they’ve never actually played) suddenly jump from 0 to 10 thousand players?

The roblox site already tracks metrics, why can’t we use those metrics to determine a real developer from someones place favoriting bot/ player count bot that they are reusing to redirect users to whatever they want them to do