Hide UI button broken in studio

My hide UI button is broken in this team create place. It does not have a hover effect or do anything when I click it. HideDevelopmentUI property of StarterGui still behaves properly.

After restarting studio and connecting to the TC server again, the UI button isn’t even showing up anymore but there are 4 people connected (and plenty of GUI elements in StarterGui)


I found that if the button is not showing at all, you can cycle through the Show Development GUI property and it would make the button appear again


Mine seems to be working fine. IsKid’s suggestion would work best.

Got this error yesterday.

I believe what lskid suggested would fix it.

My Hide UI button stopped existing today too, it always used to be there but now I can’t get it to show up. This has happened before but usually restarting fixes it for me, not any more

I got this bug too, and it not removing when i restart studio, iskid’s solution doesn’t work