Hiding the white chat box thing

Is there a way to hide the white box on bubble chat?

I’m making an rpg game and I want the white box to be hidden since the game is going to be top-down, and the white box may cover up other players/things. So far I haven’t seen a post made on this yet.

Heey What’s Up! Yes there is a way to hide the bubble chat I think u need to download a model chat filter but I can’t remember how to do it lol good luck!

There’s some tutorials on YouTube on removing bubble chat, you have to edit one of the chat modules, the naming is pretty straightforward luckily

I’m not talking about removing the whole chat bubble, only the white box

In that case I’m not sure I can help you since I’m on mobile sorry!

Umm, idk what are you all talking about guys. All he need to do is just disable this property Chat.BubbleChatEnabled

As I mentioned in the previous post, I don’t want the entire chat to disappear, only the white box behind the text

But this property is only disabling bubble wdym?



Doing that hides the entire bubble including the text. I’m trying to make it only hide the white bubble and keep the text visible.

Drew a sketch of what I’m trying to say

What I don’t want

What I’m trying to do

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Referencing this article for the table of properties, I came up with this code:

local ChatService = game:GetService("Chat");

	TailVisible = false,
	BackgroundGradient = {
		Enabled = true,
		Transparency = NumberSequence.new{
			NumberSequenceKeypoint.new(0, 1),
			NumberSequenceKeypoint.new(1, 1)

I know it’s a pretty hacky method but it works like a charm.