High CPU usage for Macbook Air in Edit mode

As of September 12th, I’ve been having a bug with my Roblox studio. It’s not letting me enter edit mode without being extremely laggy. Doing any type of prompt takes a very long time and my studio camera moves extremely slowly and laggy.

Im running studio 0.354.0.238636

I will add pictures of my OS, Render stats, and micro-profiler. (I have MAC Os El Capitan)



I have had this same issue but I found if you switch computers you can get into studio with no problem. If you want maybe me and you can team up to see what is wrong with studio. Please let me know thanks. Btw I’ve already told @EchoReaper. This is a huge set back and I expect something to be done…

Here are my system specs for reference:

Sure, I’ve already messaged rob lox about this. Weve been going back and forth. Im still waiting for them to reply to my latest message, saying that reseting my settings doesn’t do anything. Its a problem with the roblox studio software. Nothing wrong with your or my computer.

Yeah ever science the update I haven’t been able to go on studio without major lag to the point where I can’t even move forward and have it register till 5-10 minuted later…

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You should try messaging roblox about it, see what they do.

Ok well I think this should be solved ASAP due to the fact my games are being held up.

@Dev_JoJo @Strongjohnfgamer does this happen on all graphics modes? Wondering if it’s the same issue as described here.

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Yeah I have top quality graphics showing like so I can see the transparency of the water and stuff like that.

Not graphics level. I mean if you go into Studio settings, select the rendering Tab, and then change your graphics mode. It should be on auto by default.

Yeah that’s what I meant I just worded it wrong.

Graphics mode is not quality level. Graphics mode is a setting that allows you to switch between … graphics modes, ie DirectX 11, DirectX 9, Vulcan, OpenGL, etc.

If you open the settings in Roblox studio from File > Settings, it should be under the Rendering tab iirc.




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Yeah I got that on right now.

Make sure to follow the steps posted above by Echo.

I believe he wants you to switch between graphics modes to see if the issue still persists.

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Yes it does.