Studio has extreme lag when GraphicsMode is set to Automatic (Direct3D11 for me?)

There’s a very weird issue I’ve been getting in studio causing my FPS to tank completely.

When GraphicsMode is set to Automatic, my studio has trouble meeting 15 FPS. However, upon changing it to OpenGL, it runs at 60 just fine.

I don’t know how many other people have been facing this issue but I assume it has relation to the recent update with bloom. If you are having studio issues involving extreme FPS drops, try setting your GraphicsMode to something else.

That said, when I manually set it to Direct3D11, I get this issue. I suspect this is the mode Automatic selects.

For specific specs, here’s the framerates I get:
OpenGL - 60 FPS
Direct3D11 - 15 FPS
Direct3D9 - 40 FPS
Metal - 12 FPS (This is for mac, I thought. I run Windows. I didn’t expect this one to work well.)
Vulkan - 60 FPS

Oddly it’s not my GPU latency that increases as a result of this.
This is on Direct3D11 - CPU latency goes up to fairly high numbers like that. GPU remains consistent across all modes. On other modes (excluding Metal), CPU usage remains fairly normal at around 25ms latency.

As a repro, try setting your studio render mode to various renderers available and see how your performance behaves.


I’m not alone!!! I personally fixed mine by switching to Vulcan. I’ll make sure to pass this bug along to someone tomorrow


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