High levels of ping and receive

I’m not quite sure why, its definitely not remotes though, i made triple sure.
These are some of the performance stats, data throughput is at 600 at most and 200 at least, average data sent is about 100kb/s on the server stats tab


How should I go about debugging this? (microprofiler is fine on both client and server)

Ping is usually your connection to the Servers or your Internet, its not really a scripting issue or Studio issue, but more of a Connection or PC issue

Another dev has been also experiencing the same issue, we get ping spikes to about 3kms, when there is more people the game does hold up for some time. I think I can improve this but I dont quite know whats causing it.

Interesting, i dont have this issue

Screenshot (39)
The only real issue i have is the Memory but that’s kind of normal.
I made sure to wait and yeah, not much happend

Once again, Ping is your connection, nothing more nothing less

I’m pretty sure it has to do with my game, I need help debugging it

Also considering we get 50kb/s receive when nothing is happening

Screenshot (40)

Ok and by this logic i also expect to get 3k ping on a baseplate right?

Once again, Ping is your connection, sometimes you can have bad connection, The Ping level rises, if you have good connection, Ping level drops, there is not really much to it

If this causes issues for you, I recommend setting up a UPD, The ROBLOX UPD is 49152 - 65535

Are you completely sure that this is 100%% on my end? That there is nothing to do with congestion or a memory leak. Because, there must be something, which is making my ping go up from a 100ms on a baseplate to 3k in the game. And I’m trying to figure out what that is so I can try reducing the amount of latency

i am completely sure, i have had this issue before but i fixed it by setting up rules on my Windows 11 PC.

My Solutuon wont work for everyone but we’ll see.

I dont know about you but this does seem a bit arrogant just to assume nothing is wrong with the game itself, especially if 2 people get this sort of latency.

when i had this issue at first i thought i was my game, but it turned out to be my connection, this was only a few weeks ago btw.

Plus, Your Roblox game only effects FPS, GPU, CPU, and Memory, the Other 3 on your Performance stats are your connections to the server, if the Server is in a different region, it will affect ping, if its nearby, not much, it depends on the persons connection as well

How are you sure that my issue and your issue are the same though? this is a vague subject.

That’s the thing, I don’t, I recommend trying tho

Firstly check out this post regarding ping

If your players on average are having high levels of ping, usually that’s on the game. Recently I had to troubleshoot a high ping problem for one of the games I was helping out on. Server → Client replication (remote events) can be a cause for high ping, in our case it was actually RunService.Heartbeat causing having a memory leak and increasingly causing players to get laggier as the server sessions went on!


Mhm, I’ve read the article and I do use BridgeNet, I’m still not quite sure why the lag is happening, Most tweens are handled in the client, I checked how much remotes fires and they do not fire much (i mean like max 20/s), What steps should i take to diagnose this more accurately?

You can try using the microprofiler

Dev Console (F9) → Microprofiler

Those are the settings I usually use, then just start recording (preferably during a laggy period)

That will spit out an HTML file to %localappdata%/Roblox/Logs (you can put that directly in file explorer on windows)

Open up the HTML file, and you can try to figure out what is causing your issue
There’s a lot of information, but in general, bars below contribute to the bars above.

Microprofiler documentation ^^^

I did that before and most of the time was being taken up by AnimatorParallelManager about 16ms but that was before i changed everything to client tweening so i’ll have to recheck
so give me a few minutes

It seems I found why, There was a object being created very frequently and i jsut had to destroy it. (or it somehow fixed randomly)

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