High Mesh Counts and Its Effect on Player Lag?

I’m currently working on a project that requires a large map, about 400 square miles total. To do this, I’m planning on dividing it into 2000 x 2000 stud plates, each of which having it’s own unique terrain, however to accomplish this at the level I intend, it would require about 1600 different mesh parts, which would prevent me from using any instancing solution to lower the part count. Each mesh part would also have a fairly high poly count, about 10-20k triangles. How much of an impact would this have on player’s computers, or is it even feasible to attempt this on Roblox? (I am not concerned about lower spec platforms, as they are not my focus, only midrange computers)

Well usually the limit for a single mesh is about 10k triangles so If you had a low end pc. It would run with minor lag problems. I currently run an Intel i5-G1051 9th generation and I can run any game without lag. So if I had to say, You should be fine.

1600 meshes with 10k-20k tris each? thats 16-32 million tris, I dont have much knowledge about tris but this is way too much

Yes, I’m sure that it will have a decent effect on server memory, but not entirely sure about user playability, the majority of issues that would stem from this many meshes would be from the server’s perspective, not the client’s, correct?

its going to affect the player

players pc basicly has to load every mesh once you join the game

What I mean is that , beyond loading issues, which could be remedied by adding in a loading screen, I’m more concerned about lag that occurs as the player is playing, or exceeding client memory specs.

they will still have fps drops

Thank you for the quick replies, I would still like to reach a consensus before I completely drop the idea of executing this, as I’m not sure of many other solutions, and also considering how the responses I have received have been on the opposite end of the spectrum.

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what are you even making? is it not possible to reduce the tri and meshpart count?

Doing a bush flight game, due to aircraft speeds, map must be massive so that it can’t be flown across quickly, and must be high poly since Roblox screws up the hitboxes of low poly terrain.

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