High ping on specific Roblox account

This issue has been not only met with myself but also my peers, I primarily use Roblox for Roblox Studio however I can say this issue has been carried onto actual games. In my case it’s every game. The issue is as follows:

I experience high ping on a designated account, however when switching to an alternative account the high ping I experience is no more. For example, I can load into a game and average 30 Ping, switching the account however and playing the same game would put me at a staggering 250 average ping.

I recalled how Roblox has a feature in which you’re able to change your region so it was my intention to see/change the region to hopefully resolve my issue but it appears that the region feature has totally been discarded from the settings tab, there isn’t necessarily any answer for my current ordeal. Quite frankly the only thing I’ve been recommended (by YouTube) to fix my wifi in itself as it’s being perceived as a general issue. That’s not the case I’m quite literally only experiencing this on specific accounts.

Does anyone know a fix or a solution or at least a reasoning for this? This is experienced via studio as well as any games via Roblox.


Might not solve the issue but do these games you play have items in them that alt accounts don’t? This involves accessories and in-game items that the alt doesn’t have.

Hello @Azul_Cult, thanks for the reply!

I conducted the experiment of removing all accessories through both accounts hoping to see some change. Unfortunately I this doesn’t change anything as far as the ping goes if both accounts have absolutely nothing worn. The fact still remains that one account experiences low ping whilst the other experiences high.

Do you use a VPN? Are both accounts’s 13+? Do they both have the same language settings?

Hello @Judgy_Oreo, thanks for the reply!

No I do not utilize any VPN of any sort, nor are any extensions active, (i.e.: Roblox +, BTR Roblox, RoPro, ect.) They are both 13+ and they both have the same language settings.

Do both have accounts have identical graphics quality settings that were set in game?

ctrl + shift + f3 - if you look up the server IP, are they located in different countries?

Hello @RMofSBI , thanks for the reply!

Yes both accounts have identical graphics quality, I usually play max graphics quality with an FPS unlocker.

Hello @DevAX1T , thanks for the reply!

I believe, the IP address is the located within the same country!


Try restarting your router.

Hello @commitblue , thanks for the reply!

I have restarted my router but again, the issue is regarding the specific Roblox account, I also joined a game called “Custom Duels” and viewed the server region (being New York, my correct region ^^) was indicated as the server I was in yet, high ping was still experienced.

I’ve also installed Microsoft Store’s version of Roblox and logged into my alt and used my default browser (Opera GX) to simultaneously run 2 clients at once. As anticipated, my main and alt being in the same server simultaneously on the same computer. Still, my main experiences low ping and my alt experiences high ping. I also tried swapping out, using Opera GX for my alt and the Microsoft Roblox Client for my main still to be met with the same exact issue. I’ve also tried using my mobile device and still, same issue occurs.

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It sounds like you’re describing an engine bug, not an issue with your creation

If you’re having bugs with the engine, try posting it in #bug-reports:engine-bugs, and not here.