High session length but low retention rate

Hello, I am working on an RPG game. So far, I have improved the game to the point where more players have started to finish the first quest in the game, causing our session length to increase to around 20 minutes. However, I notice that retention rates between players are pretty low, where D1 is essentially 12%. I am wondering how I could improve the game so that players could return more to complete more quests or explore the world.

Essentially, here is a screenshot of where the players finish their first quest. And the blue spot is where the next quest giver is located at. I have observed that one player once completing the quest started to explore the place, and then leave but did not start a new quest.

Here is the link to the game:

Hi. I played for a while and have a few comments. I can tell that you’ve obviously put a lot of effort in to the game and I guess there must be a lot of content to explore.
I found combat on the soldiers OK, but the jelly things were a real pain, too ready to attack and they never retreated no matter how far away I got from them. The fling was plain annoying.
For teleports between places, perhaps have a visible teleport location on the road as when avoiding the jelly things I regularly got teleported off to another map.
The locations feel large but also quite barren for the most part. A smaller map is easier to detail and can feel more immersive.
A sprint function might be good to cover large distances quickly and to run away from enemies assuming they ever stop chasing you. I noticed if I died in a fight I respawned at the same location, so I was immediately placed back in to danger.
With the mining, I don’t think the ores need to move as you strike them, just the particle effects would look good enough.
Good luck with your project.

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