High Transparency Glass


I am wondering on how I could add a permanent “selection” to a part, to utilise a bug with high-transparency glass.

I think this effect looks really nice in some scenarios, but it only works if you’re selecting it in Roblox Studio - adding a SelectionBox does not change anything. This effect only works if you apply a Transparency above 1 to a Glass part.

Does anyone know how I would be able to add a ‘Selection’ to these parts?

Here’s a video which shows what the part looks like with a selection and without a selection. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


Set SelectionBox.Adornee by clicking the property and then the desired part.

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This does not work, as it only adds a SelectionBox around the part, not the selection itself.

Use a Highlight. Selections used to be selection box adornees (and can still be if you enable them), but they’re now Highlights. The distortion bug will continue even if you disable Highlight when it’s inside the part.


Thanks, the highlights worked!

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