HighCliff Pools - About

Welcome to HighCliff pools!


:ocean: Welcome to HighCliff Pool!

:star: We offer some of the most realistic pool roleplay on Roblox; Enjoy our sleek exterior and our modernised interiors!

How do I get hired?

  1. Join the group.
  2. Fill out an application.
  3. Attend a training session!

We will be looking for someone who will put in 200% to all of their work here.

The ranks go: Low rank < Middle Rank < High Rank

The “Developer” role is not unobbtainible unless you have proof of being a skilled, talented developer.

Make sure to check out the group! If you find staff in your server, feel free to speak to them, I am sure they would like to have a conversation with you!

aIexqeo - Owner
finnsofficial - Co - Owner