"Highlands" Painting/Photobash


Another 2D piece I made in a similar style to my previous “Coast” work. A combination of hand-drawn shapes/masks with textures and applied images.


Wait, is the truck a 3d render or a 2d drawing?

either way, its insane!

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If it’s a 2D drawing, I’m going to cry. :pleading_face:


That is incredible, well done! Wish I was that artistic :smirk:

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Woah! Great job!

(why did you post 2 images, one with a bird on top of the car and the other one without a bird?)

The post states that it’s

The truck is one of the images, while the mountains are hand drawn.


I think you should photobash in some grass at the truck because the lighting right now is incorrect.
How come the lighting is coming on the truck and on the tree but not on the grass? It gives a weird balance.
For the rest i really like your mix of photo and painting, it is really awesome.

I also recommend you to soften these edges because it gives too much away that the mountains are drawn and gives a weird balance between the realistic car and realistic tree on the far right and the drawn mountains.

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The rough edges of the mountains are on purpose and simply part of the style I wanted to achieve. I like juxtaposing more realistic images and concepts upon hand-drawn details that are clearly painted in. Refining the edges of the mountain is simply an aesthetic choice, but I appreciate your concern.

Regarding the foreground details, I see where a “light imbalance” could be spotted regarding the truck’s shiny roof and the darker ground below it. I could try and brightening up those spots a bit.