Highlight, CTRL+Shift+F focusing on ‘Find what’ list

Before 04/21/2018, when highlighting text in a script and pressing CTRL+Shift+F followed by enter would bring up the search results for all scripts matching what you had highlighted. Now, the behaviour has been annoyingly changed to automatically focus on the search box which as a result is making enter select the top item of the ‘Find what’ list. I would like this to be addressed so when highlighting text in a script and pressing CTRL+Shift+F, the find all button is in focus instead as it did before.

EDIT: Just realised this is also happening for CTRL+F as well as CTRL+Shift+F.

This is annoying because I love using as many shortcuts as possible to speed up my workflow, but this change is causing me to take an extra ~1 second to search for my highlighted term, not to mention the time lost to incorrect searches.

This bug is present in the latest studio build, with all plugins disabled in both team create and normal sessions:

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