Highlight current script line

Currently on Roblox it’s too hard to keep track of your cursor in scripts, and it’s too hard to scan across long lines without losing your vertical position. This is an increasingly common issue as scripts on Roblox get longer and more complex, and I often find myself becoming lost in large files because of it.

Currently, the cursor looks like this (how quickly can you find it?)

It would be much more convenient if the current line was highlighted, for example like this:

This is a very common feature found in many other IDEs. Here’s a few examples of their implementations.


Visual Studio Code:

The line highlight colour could also possibly be user-modifiable as a script editor colour, allowing for theming. Alternatively, it could be a transparent overlay derived from the text colour.

This would be very helpful with keeping track of the cursor position, and would bring the Roblox script editor more in line with modern IDEs.


Hey @Elttob - thanks for suggesting! This seems like a helpful feature. We’re putting some dedicated effort into improving the Script Editor - I’ve ticketed this internally for UX review.


Hey @Elttob we just released this feature!


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