Highlight doesnt render?

this is the my character, in the game, however if you have noticed, he lacks a highlight.

i know i havent hit the highlight limit, and the highlight instance is DEFINITELY there, its adorneed, and its outline transparency < 1

setting it to 0 doesnt help.

local function onCharacterAdded(player, character)
	local outline = script.Highlight:clone()
	outline.Parent = character
	outline.Adornee  = character

this code runs when the players .CharacterAppearenceLoaded event fires, i’ve tested with normal CharacterAdded also.

What can I do about this? Is this an engine bug?

Yeah, for some reason this happens to me to. I don’t really know the cause for this. Maybe try filing a bug report?

How many highlights do you have in your game?

i showed there but there is only one which is inside the player’s character

devforum didnt render this image for somre ason

ok after some looking into it it seems that there were some models in replicated storage using highlights,
i used the below code (in starter gui as a localscript) to delete the highlights.

repeat task.wait() until game:IsLoaded()
for _, p in game.ReplicatedStorage:GetDescendants() do
	if p:IsA("Highlight") then

This simple script is specialized for my game where when most of the cloning happens, its on the server. This works by deleting the highlights from the client but keeping them on the server so when the server clones them and parents them, they’ll retain the highlight(s). (basically if i had a brick in replicated storage with a highlight, i could remove it on client and when the server clones that and parents it, it’ll still have a highlight.)
i also optimized a script which was cloning lots of highlights and setting their parents to nil for future use, i think the fact that the highlights that you cant see are still counted for the highlight limit is a bit unintuitive, but this is the solution i’ve reached.

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