Highlight effect bug

(Dunno if it’s the right category)

So I have a real weird issue, I have a few parts with highlights, and when I was doing smth in studio, I saw that some highlight effects dissappeared from one part (with hl) and appeared on other (also with hl). When I deleted and CTRL+Z’ed it, it fixed, but after some time it happened again. Not really harmful, it’s only visual, but really annoying

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Are there more than 31 highlights? If so, try to minimize use of highlights by for example adding all parts that need a highlight to a model and add a highlight to that model.

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Oh I didn’t know that you can parent a highlight to a model, thanks

If they disappear during build mode then I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve had this issue before and they always come back during play testing. Simply just a weird rendering issue.