Highlight what makes a rule breaking post on the roblox forums?

I’m not really sure what the general attitude is towards this, but I’m sure it can’t have gone unnoticed and this thread is more or less wanting to know the reason as to why this isn’t in place.

So, I imagine most of us have been there on the roblox forums where we’ve written up a thread that’s probably about a hundred lines long…you go to post it and then you get told that…allegedly, your post is in some way ‘breaking the rules’.

Ugh, okay the amount of times I’ve had this is to say the least aggravating and the problem for me is not the sensitivity of the filter, people are always trying to find ways to bypass it so frankly I see how sensitive it is being justified.

For me, the problem is I just cannot understand why there isn’t something in place to say something like “this segment of your post is breaking the rules” where it would simply highlight the specific part of your post that was breaking the rules…meaning I don’t have to spend over an hour going over a hundred lines and constantly changing all of the slightest potential culprits only to make no progress at all and still be stuck in complete confusion. When you end up removing words like “falcon” because that’s the only thing you can actually think of that might be causing a problem…you know that there IS a real problem.

If you don’t end up resolving it, eventually you might get what has happened to me once or twice where you end up getting banned for “spamming” after attempting to post the thread each time despite the fact the thread is not actually being published.

This is what reminders are supposed to be for IIRC.