Highlights do not disappear on models

Below is a video of what exactly is happening. Briefly: in both play solo and test server this occurs. The three models are server-side. The “SELECTIONCONTAINER” model is client-only. A Highlight + the 3 server-side models are put inside SELECTIONCONTAINER. Everything is fine. But then when you put any or all of the 3 models back out of that client-side model, the Highlight remains on those 3 models. You can disable/enable it and it will continue to show up on those models while Enabled. You can even delete the highlight and replace it with a new instance, and the new highlight will continue to be on those models, even when the highlight’s Parent is set to SELECTIONCONTAINER or when the highlight is in playergui and the Adornee is the container model.

This behavior is baffling, I’ve tried everything to get this to work, even deleting the highlight and the SELECTIONCONTAINER and replacing them with new instances doesn’t fix this.

Update: Just confirmed, this happens even if the SELECTIONCONTAINER model is server-side.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Can you try now? A probable fix has been made

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Howdy Convex, thanks a ton for looking into this. It looks like this is not currently fixed in my updated version of studio.

What I’m doing is putting each model a player has selected inside the SELECTIONCONTAINER model. Each time a player selects/deselects a model, I pull the model out of the SELECTIONCONTAINER model, delete the current Highlight, and replace it with a new one. Just to verify it’s updating properly, I printed the SELECTIONCONTAINER’s contents at the time of the new Highlight being adorned to the model - only the Arcade Machine in this video is inside that model at that instant.

The 2 bed models are no longer inside; the bed model closest to the Arcade Machine remains Highlighted after being removed from the SELECTIONCONTAINER model, its Highlight being destroyed then replaced, and then the new Highlight being destroyed then replaced a second time. You can see small black BillboardGui squares over the models currently selected (within the selectioncontainer model - white squares mean the model is not selected)