Highlights Do Not Work

Reproduction Steps

So there’s multiple issues here, but you can test both at the same time:

  1. Open this place on 2 devices : Highlight Tests - Roblox
  2. Have one player click on 1-2 items, and another click on another 1-2.
  3. Items most recently clicked by you will turn Blue. Items that haven’t been clicked on will be grey. Items that another player clicked on will be orange.


  • On mobile (I’ve tested on Android specifically, but know it can occur on iOS as well), the highlights either do not work, or show as visual artifacts, and usually don’t have an outline.
  • On PC, the visuals work correctly - EXCEPT that when one of the highlights changes, the other highlights may change to match. For example, I clicked on all the items on PC, and then had the second device click on the bush. Both the bush and the tree changed to orange.
  • The crystal (which has transparency) does not show a highlight at all.

Expected Behavior

I expect the highlight to correctly show across all devices, and for individual highlights to be able to be configured without interfering with other highlights.

Actual Behavior

In the attached video, I only clicked on the right hand item, the tree. However, the bush also changed to a blue color.

HighlightsChangeTogether.wmv (372.6 KB)

In the attached images, you can see how it looks on Android (Samsung Tab A and Galaxy Note 10+)


No. My workaround is going to be to remove highlights on mobile devices, and probably on PC as well, as the behavior is too unpredictable to use to communicate effectively.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date Last Experienced: 2022-09-08 00:09:00 (+10:00)


This may be the same or related to the issues reported in Highlights reparented from one instance to another appear on both instances - #7 by tnavarts.

There is a fix for highlights being implemented on 14 Sept. However the issues appear to be limited to studio (live games should work as expected).

These issues are not related, it is genuinely an issue with highlights on mobile.

As @Abcreator mentioned, these are not the same issue.
2 reasons:

  1. In this instance, I have created 4 highlight instances. I am not changing the parenting of them at all.
  2. Highlights don’t work on mobile is unrelated to the linked issue.
  3. Transparent objects don’t respect highlights is again unrelated to the linked issue.
  4. This issue affects outside of studio.

I said it may be related to the issues reported in the other thread - which have started to happen since the last update.

Fair enough! I will say, the issues on Android have been happening for ever, and the ‘not working with transparency is the same’. So while the ‘highlights stealing each others colors’ issue may be the same (I don’t recall when I first noticed it), the other issues here are unrelated.

On my Google Pixel 4a (5G), Highlight-based outlines don’t appear at all. In my experience, there’s an area where you can test its color picker. It uses highlights to show light blue outlines around whatever parts the player is changing the color of. On computers, it looks like this, but on my phone, neither they nor player outlines appear:

Highlight outlines do not work at all on Samsung Galaxy S20 (Android 12), I wanted to include them in the upcoming update for my game but I now need to fallback to SelectionBox, would be good if this issue would be fixed soon.

Hey everyone! Looks like the engineers fixed this. Thanks again for the report.