Highlights won't show on mobile

I added a highlight to a part but it won’t show ingame. I tested it in Studio and on laptop and it works fine but it won’t work when playing the game on mobile.

In Studio:

In Studio (Playtesting):

In Game (Laptop):

In Game (Mobile):

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Because Mobile devices don’t usually run at Graphics level 10 in game.
Have a look at where your settings are. Set it to 10 manually, not automatic, and see if the outlines show up.

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On mobile, my graphics were at 10 while on laptop, my graphics were at 1. The players still shouldn’t have to turn the graphics up to see the highlights since they’re kinda important.

That wasn’t my point. Many of the visual effects are more of a workload on a processor. That’s why they are the ones to get cut first in case of high loads on it.

Sure, you can manually set your graphics to 10, but if you use it it’s designed (automatic) it’s going to start cutting items like lighting quality or level of detail to keep the actual gameplay running better when the processor gets bogged down.

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I don’t understand…

He is saying that mostly of mobile devices don’t run the Graphics Quality to 10 when it comes to joining a Roblox experience (i.e. game). They are set up to be “Automatic”, which means that they will render anything based on how your phone can handle it. Think of the quality of YouTube videos where you can choose from “Automatic” to 1020p!

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But the highlights still didn’t show when my graphics were at 10

Have you tried this?

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It doesn’t work…