Hightlight Models

In my pervious post, I got flagged because I was offering a module that can create highlights, and I forgot some details (sorry again).
Me and MiAiHsIs1226 made it, I brought up the idea.

I haven’t read the rules because I’m new, now I have read it.

Hope this goes good (this is my first/second post I think…)

The Module is located here: https://www.roblox.com/library/8561133785/

What does it do?
It makes a highlight around a part, model, or rig

It is open sourced and I think this could be useful for fps shooter games.
I know this probably will not be used(since there are actual highlight modules out there) but this is my first(or second) post and I hope you’ll be impressed.

(Also if I do get flagged again, please tell me what I did wrong. I’ve tripled checked the rules and I don’t see anything wrong expect that the part where I’m supposed to create it myself not with others)

Edit: Fixed some words around


Hey man, pretty neat effect. Keep up the good work :+1:

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I think a highlight object already exists, but since this is your first resource This is very good! But you need to make a more useful resource later and unique. But I give this 9.5/10!

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It isn’t released, so I created this.
I was getting pretty bored waiting for it so I created this.

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Oh you’re right, your resource is good as it’s your first post. Keep it up!

Also if the module isn’t working, please read the document of how to use it for better instructions.
It is because you have TestingMode disabled(this means it will not work on studio but for the client it will)

Sorry for bumping this thing, but, can’t you just attach a part to the starter character and move on?