Highway Scene | PBR

I was surprised to see that the beta branch for SurfaceAppearance was released today. Been waiting a long time for it to become easily available for testing.

Decided to hop into Studio and mess around with some Quixel assets and other scenery to see what I could make.


You made that-
You made that-
That today? Like, all in one day?


he used quixel assets. they already have pbr maps ready to use. so yeah lol


I am LOVING this new PBR stuff! People are able to make these super realistic looking models now because of this texturing update. You have made a very good scene.

I thought this was a Blender render, doesn’t look like Roblox Studio to me. This is great can’t wait to see what else people can make with this.


this is some holy stuff right here :heart_eyes:

It looks great! Looks like I can sell sandwiches with egg or bacon on em directly from my GPU!

I really can’t wait until PBR gets released! I can’t imagine how many games are gonna be made that doesn’t even look like Roblox!

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