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About Me

Hello! My name’s hiioh (Hiloh). I specialize in 3D modeling, building, as well basic scripting and animating. I’ve been developing on Roblox since 2017; through that time, I’ve made games such as:
Tower Heroes, Buggy Battle, Poltergeist Perception, Stranded, Frosty Mountain, and Trick or Treat in Bloxy Hills.

You can see some of my UGC Items below!


UGC Items

I have a group where @RynityRift helped upload some of my accessories! You can check it out here

I also have some items that are used by Roblox for Toy Codes! You can check see them here:

Kart Kid Helmet, Byte Head, Slime King Plush,
Chef Basket, Slime Plush

Other Works

Tower Heroes (Idol Encore Map)

Super Bloxy Hills (Npc Dialogue)
Super Bloxy Hills NPC Dialogue!!! - YouTube

Super Bloxy Hills (Arcade and Furniture)

Tower Heroes (Canyon Calamity)

Tower Heroes (Characters)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/hiloh23

Thanks for reading!