HiJump Coins Policy

Some moderators, administrators, and developers at Games By Epic may be able to issue (or revoke) coins in HiJump Trampoline Land. This document describes the policy for issuing or revoking coins.

When can I issue Coins?

Coins should only be issued when a user experiences a major issue in-experience that may impact how they view Games By Epic or HiJump Trampoline Land. In these cases, team members are allowed to grant the user a small amount of coins (less than 1,000) in hopes of improving the user’s experience. If a Moderator or Administrator wishes to grant more than 1,000 Coins to a user, authorization from an Operations Manager or higher is required.

When can I revoke Coins?

Coins should only be revoked if a user is exploiting or otherwise manipulating their balance in methods unintended by the developers, or in the case of other moderation infractions but only with the authorization of an Operations Manager or higher. Coins can also be revoked from a user if another team member is fraudulently giving out Coins.

When CAN’T I issue Coins?

You can never issue free Coins to users just because they ask or because they’re friends with you. Doing this, and especially accepting payment in any form for giving out Coins, is a severe violation of our policies. In addition, you’re not allowed to issue Coins to yourself in any circumstances.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Coins Policy, please feel free to contact a Developer.

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