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Welcome to Hikaru Handbook. This guide intends to be used as a resource for on our regular practices executed daily. In this guide you will find links, affiliations, programs, & development. We hope this will hope you on your career at Hikaru Sushi!

:sushi: | About Us

Hikaru Sushi is an exotic Nigiri restaurant located on a isolated island in Japan. Join for a tasteful sensation. If you need to get in contact with an administrator, join the communications server and find a Assistant Manager or higher.

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This is the Table of Contents you will find the information you are looking for below.

Important Links

Communications Server: In Development
Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/15295306/Hikaru-Sushi#!/about
Hikaru Twitter: In Development

Rank Information

Rank Information

In this section, You may find a detailed summary of each rank below.


Default role - given to those who have joined our group and are willing to contribute.

Noted Customer

This rank cannot be earned, you must be selected for it. Those who hold it have been an High Rank+ members.

Awaiting Training

Awaiting role - one who has taken and passed an application. Unfortunately, they are unable to work at the podiums or in the kitchen. To obtain that ability, they must be trained.

Junior Hibachi Chef

Hibachi chef - can be achieved by successfully attending and passing a training. You obtain the privilege to serve customers and mop spills.

Senior Hibachi Chef

Hibachi chef - given to those that have earned 250 points in the restaurant or more. They will be auto promoted by Hikaru’s Systems.

Head Hibachi Chef

Hibachi chef - given to those that have earned 500 points in the restaurant or more. They will be auto promoted by Hikaru’s Systems.

Hibachi Assistant

Middle rank - the first Middle Rank. One who has either passed our ‘Hibachi Assistant’ resumes or has been recommended. This rank is quite difficult to get and will require a lot of dedication towards our establishment. There are two primary procedures where you may earn this rank.


Middle rank - given to those that have contributed lots to Hikaru as a Hibachi Assistant and have been recommended by the Executive Team to the High Ranks

Assistant Manager

Middle rank - the last Middle Rank. They will assist the managers in trainings, they are allowed to host shifts & co-host trainings.


High Rank - the first High Rank. They are more experienced members of the High Rank and are able to host trainings.

Board of Directors

High rank - the second rank of the High Ranks, it’s extra hard to obtain this role and you know you’ve been at Hikaru for a long time and showed dedication to this group if you achieve this role. They have the ability to recommend Head Hibachi Chefs to the Executive Team.

Chief Operations Officer

High rank - someone who has shown that they are worthy of joining our Chief Operations Officer role. They have worked so hard that they have been promoted from Board of Directors to Chief Operations Officer. They have the option to choose a department of their choice.

Chief Staffing Officer

High rank - the last rank of the High ranks, it will be hard to obtain this role and you know you’ve been Chief Operations Officer for a long time and showed dedication to the group and the role.

Chief Administrative Officer

Super rank - they have led their position very well, they are now the first rank within the Super Ranks. They have the responsibility to direct their chosen department, and have a much smaller span of control.


Super rank - one who has portrayed excellent qualities within their chosen department, and have been given the privilege to take up much more responsibilities. They have a major impact on their department

Vice Chairperson

A person who has been dedicated to the group for a very prolonged period of time, and has demonstrated phenomenal qualities in which prove them to be capable of this role. They assist the Chairperson in overseeing all operations and ensuring everything runs smoothly.


The owner of Hikaru Sushi. They assist the Chairperson in ensuring we execute the best practices possible daily.

Head Hibachi Chef Promotion Guide

While there is a few set ways to get promoted to Hibachi Assistant, we will provide a few tips to assist in your process of getting promoted to Hibachi Assistant.

  • Use grammar, while it is not required for Low Ranks, it is for Medium Ranks. This will prove your ability to use good grammar to our Executive Team.
  • Do not change the way you behave when a Executive joins your server. We want to see the real you.
  • Remember to remain professional, and put together at all times.
Restaurant Rules

Restaurant rules, please read these very carefully so you do not get a warning or a ban.

  • Remain respectful at all times. This does include public disrespectful jokes towards friends, while you are at the restaurant all chats must be respectful to all no matter the case. | Reminder → Kick → Server Ban

  • Exploiting is completely prohibited. There is no explainable excuse for exploiting, and the reasoning of the rule is highly self explanatory. | Blacklist, this cannot be appealed.

  • Trolling is prohibited. Trolling also applies as causing a general disturbing to other parties, or disturbing the peace within the restaurant. | Reminder → Server Ban

  • Table Dancing is allowed. If it is disturbing to other parties you will be reminded to remove yourself from they’re table. | Reminder → Kick

  • Inappropriate, sexual, or suggestive content is completely prohibited. This includes inappropriate or suggestive jokes. | Reminder → Blacklist, this cannot be appealed.

  • Mass Spamming in the chat is prohibited in every circumstance. This includes chanting repeated chats as well. | Permanent Ban

  • Harassing staff is prohibited, this includes Waiters through Hibachi Chefs and Employee Assistants and higher. | Reminder → Kick → Permanent Ban

That concludes the Hikaru Public Handbook. Questions and concerns may go to Super Ranks.

Hikaru Leadership Team

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