Hilton Hotels™ Job Information and Tasks

Hotel Security:

Your job will be to protect the hotel and guarantee its safety from spammers, exploiters, etc.


You’ll be serving soft drinks and snacks to others and/or helping with room service; picking up the phone and delivering their request.


You’ll be in charge of cleaning the hotel and keeping the ground free of dirt and clean guest rooms inside the hotel.


You’ll be giving guests their room keys and helping them get settled in.

Head Receptionist:

You’ll be making sure the receptionists are on task and doing what they are supposed to be doing while helping to give guests their room keys.


You’ll be dealing with customer service and making sure everybody is happy with their stay.

Shift Manager:

You’ll be in charge of running the hotel when there is enough staff to begin and/or watching over other staff and making sure they are productive and on task.

General Manager:

You’ll be reviewing the Hotel Staff and helping them to guarantee every customer’s full satisfaction, making sure staff use correct grammar, punctuation, etc.