"Hinderance" RPG looking for feedback/testers

Game is very early version and I am currently working on it solo on my spare time

Hello, I am currently making a RPG that takes inspiration for too many games for me to mention but a few would be Runescape, Mabinogi and Elder Scrolls. I am currently trying to make a “Dark-Fantasy” RPG with heavy focus on community. The goal is to play anyway you want such as a merchant, crafter, mercenary, town guard ect. Game is open pvp with safe zones such as main towns and important quest locations.

Current Features:

  • Magic
  • Questing (Side quests only at the moment with a few main quests for tutorial purposes)
  • Crafting (Clothing/Potions/Smelting/Woodworking)
  • Wood Cutting
  • Mining
  • Gathering (Pick up resources off the ground or even gather from bushes)
  • Dungeons (Disabled as of 2022 will be making a return soon)
  • Party System with exp split
  • Weapon Upgrading
  • Skills (Currently limited)
  • Vampire sub race

Planned Features:

  • More crafting (Skinning will be next)
  • Sub classes/races with positives and negatives as well as the ability to upgrade said class/race
  • Transformation Skills (Such as paladin/dark knight as well as more simpler ones)
  • Magic
  • Caravan (This will be a player event where a player can trade goods in bulk by purchasing a caravan that other players can attack)

1/22/22 I am once again opening this game to the public for a few days to get some feedback on the progress I have made. If you wish to become a permanent tester join our Disc! (Disc link can be found on the game page)

Game Page

Hired a builder to spruce up the terrain on 6/26/21
Screen shots:

Vampire sub race

Feel free to msg me directly on disc if you don’t which to reply on this thread.



I am seeing a lot of open space, try filling the map up.
Also, there is a lot of models just crammed in corners or by walls:

Also for the intro to the game, its really bright. Try lessening the brightness and adding detail.


Yes I’m not much of a builder but I am slowly adding more to the map when I get tired of scripting but thanks for the suggestion the 3 houses look really tacky lol. As for the other wall it will be more filled out as more statues are made for game testers, again thanks for the suggestions!

I’m not that big into the anime world and all that stuff but this doesn’t look that bad at all. Though, if you wish for it to go far then I’d suggest you start by changing the starting screen(For the character edit), I don’t really think the clouds in the background are a great touch. Perhaps make it something close to where you spawn. Like inside of a town or something?
Also, another thing that is weird is when you shear a sheep or kill a Slime jelly, you go into your inventory and right click(equip) it just makes the wool and slime potion disappear.

Other than that, I love the town look, the music, the idea of the game, etc… It looks like it can definitely go far. Very well done and good luck.


Thanks for the feedback, the game won’t be too heavily anime inspired I want it to be closer to a medieval dark fantasy. Regarding the slime jelly and potions it may be a mix up in my ui script but it is supposed to say “RMB - Drop” when hovering over non weapons/armors, I realize this still isn’t enough and is very confusing so I do plan on remaking some of the ui elements to be more straight foward and with the potions when you right click it will use them but there’s currently no health check so it’s easy to waste them. I really appreciate your feedback!

message me if you need playtesters this looks kinda interesting i’ve got a friend group who’d be down to play

Thanks for those reports I did a overhaul on the inventory and fixed the items disappearing!

Look’s great it play’s nice i would like to see a (coin counter) in game maybe beside J - Quests And maybe a (sell all) and stuff is still disappearing. You are doing a fantastic job keep up the good work

Which stuff is disappearing? I was almost positive that this was fixed with the last update.

Wood i think it was cant remember need to play again . Let me play again ill msg you ok

Seems to be all good now sorry about that maybe i hit a key or something keep up the good work

Hello, I am interested in being a tester. I tried joining your guy’s discord but the server is invalid. My discord is Jakee#2344 if your guys still hiring.

No problem thanks for letting me know!

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I hope its finish soon, can’t wait to play, I love games like “Hinderance” reminds me of them old style RPG games. Ok I know I’m old hahaha :roblox: :roblox_light: :robux_gold:

aww i missed out - i gotta say i like the bright colour, i think it would work really well especially if you are going for a traditional japanese anime type vibe…
The models are exceptionally nice but the maps do look a bit square, lack detail and elevation…So just shuffle it around a bit.

Feel free to join our disc, I am constantly updating there or if your interested you can join the game testers to help test the game!

Updated the post to include alot of major updates such as Woodcutting, Mining, gathering and smelting!

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I really like the look of your game. It has great promise. I did find a problem with the Merchant when I was selling stuff:

I then found I couldn’t get him to exit his dialog and continue playing :frowning:. I tried resetting the character, but no success. Still stayed in the Merchant dialog. Re-entering the game showed that it was not a one off problem.

Played another session and managed to get to Lvl 6. Fun fighting chickens, but i have filled my inventory now and can’t sell stuff to Mr Merchant. I had great fun exploring the environment, I don’t I got anywhere near seeing everything in the game despite the amount of time I have spent in there today.
I think it is a massive amount of work to do, but if you can stick with it (have a break every now & then) it will be epic. As a massive fan of Neverwinter Nights & Elder Scrolls, I hope you succeed.
I’d be happy to be a tester. Where do I sign up?

I joined the Discord server! We can talk from there if you’re still looking for a QA tester! :slight_smile: