Hinge Constraint moving when Angular Velocity is Zero

Currently I am working with Hinge Constraints and have gotten them to correctly move using a motor. However whenever the Angular Velocity is at 0 it will sometimes begin to rotate very slowly in a random direction. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it?

might be gravity making it spin, if you want to solve it add a weldconstraint that gets enabled whenever the hinge isn’t used

Good idea. I’ll try that and see if that works. Only issue I might see if the weld constraint snapping the part back to it’s original position.

then just anchor the part.
I remember that freaking thing of welds snapping parts back, bruh

Anchoring the part will not work in this case because of the build and what this is doing. It would cause the rest of the model to go haywire

you could add a 0.2 seconds delay before enabling the weld, I’ve experienced this error many times before and that’s how I’ve been able to solve it

Thanks so much! The delay works. It did snap back into place without a delay, but 0.2 makes it run perfectly and very smoothly. Appreciate your help.

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