Hinge not working properly

  • What are you attempting to achieve? A simple swinging part that holds up a cable car.
  • What is the issue? The part in question keeps rotating 45-90 degrees when the game is started.
  • What solutions have you tried so far? Tried changing multiple settings, checked the wiki. Still nothing.

The part is supposed to look like the 1st image but looks like the 2nd image on game start.

1st image (Intended rotation):

2nd image (On game start):

From the documentation:

Orientation of a hinge’s attachments affects how it rotates. To ensure rotation occurs around the desired axis, each attachment’s Axis, visualized by the yellow arrow, should point in the same direction.

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I changed up a couple of settings and now it does this (image below)

What are the settings I need for it to swing when moved/pushed?

In studio:

In studio playtest:


ActuatorType = None
LimitsEnabled = false

alll o f those red lines/arrows are constraint errors, see what they say