HingeConstraint bouncing back and forth

I was in the middle of making a chasis for a car system I was going to script and I ran into a problem. The HingeConstraint ( ActuatorType set to Servo) used for angling the wheel for turning was flying back and forth, not actually staying at the angle defined by TargetAngle.

Here I have set the TargetAngle to be 0, (after setting it to 30 first), as you can see it doesn’t stop at 0 when it’s supposed to but rather flies back and forth past where it’s supposed to be.

Video: (TargetAngle 0 is marked by the blue line, green lines represent the angle limits set on the servo)

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 2.02.47 AM
(in the above video TargetAngle was set to 30 then 0, but the effect still happens no matter what once the target angle has been changed from the 0 default to any other angle.)

Here is a place file where you can test and try to diagnose the problem yourself:
bouncyhingeconstraint.rbxl (200.9 KB)

For whatever reason I can’t seem to make this stop, all my other HingeConstraints are working just fine but no matter what I do this one is acting all weird by not going to the TargetAngle that I apply. Please let me know if you have any ideas that could lead to a solution.

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Consider to not set the ServoMaxTorque and AngularSpeed to infinite.

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I have done that, then it just doesn’t move due to the friction on the ground. When it is set to any value where it is able to move, the bouncing back and forth still occurs for some reason.