HingeConstraint for rotating platform doesn't work the way I want it to

Hello. I want to make a rotating platform. It uses two parts, HingeSupport and HingePlatform, and it is connected with a HingeConstraint. HingeSupport has CanCollide of false and is anchored. HingePlatform is unanchored. The HingeConstraint has an AcutatorType of None. It is hard for me to describe what I want the platform to do, so here is a picture that shows what I want it to do.

However, whenever I try to make the platform, it doesn’t rotate, as shown below.

I have tried:

  • Setting HingeSupport > CanCollide to true and to false (but both failed)
  • Setting HingePlatform > density to 0.1, 1, 5, and other densities.
  • Using BallSocketConstraint instead of HingeConstraint.
  • Checking other YouTube videos and DevForum posts on how to make a rotating platform.

I can’t figure out why the platform won’t rotate. Does anyone know why?

Did you check if the rotating part is anchored?

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Yes, the HingeSupport (the short one) is anchored and the HingePlatform (the long one that players stand on) is unanchored

does anyone know what to do pls

Can you show where your attachments are and how they are facing?

Here are the hinge constraint and the two attachments.
Screenshot (38)

Here take a look at this seesaw i made using the same elements… it works with my character jumping on either end. Please ask questions if something doesn’t make sense in it:

seesaw.rbxm (4.4 KB)