Hingeconstraints teleport since the latest roblox update

Reproduction Steps
Since the latest roblox update, people have been noticing the motors with the locked feature on (hingeconstraints + weldconstraint) teleport when using them.

I have a feeling that the server somehow overrides the network owner and applies the current angle onto the client, causing the hingeconstraint to teleport back, but this also has to do something with working in combination with a weldconstraint as it only applies to locked motors.

People are unable to use the locked motors feature correctly in my game as of now.

I haven’t been able to figure out the repro steps in studio yet as of now.

Game affected:

Steps ingame:

  1. Spawn a pilot seat and a motor.
  2. configure the motor and enable the “locked” feature.
  3. spawn in and hold the R key to make it move.
  4. you will see the motor teleport back as soon as you start holding the key.

Expected Behavior
The motors to not teleport back and work smoothly.

Actual Behavior
The motors teleport back to their starting position and makes it impossible to apply small rotation movements.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-10-23 00:10:00 (+02:00)


Do you use “Anchor” property to accomplish locking in any way? Or is it just purely updating a WeldConstraint to be enabled?

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I dont use the anchor property to acomplish the locking mechanic.
Its purely updating the weldconstraint both on the client and server for a smoother transition.

Thank you for the report, I was able to repro in Plane Crazy and it looks like this was an unintended side effect of a different fix that should only affect parts whose Anchored property changed. I’ve disabled that, can you confirm the issue is fixed?

I’m trying to narrow the problem down, would you mind elaborating a bit more on what steps you’re taking when starting and stopping the motor on the client and server?


Yes the issue has been fixed now.

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