Hintify - Easy Mouse Hints / Tooltips


Hey guys! I created this for a game I’m currently working on, and since I haven’t released an open-source product in a while I figured I might as well open source it!

Hintify is an easy-to-use, quick solution to putting mouse hints into your game. It’s actually made up of three distinct systems which can be used independently - check them out below:

World Hints

A position-based hint which auto-scales to fit any length of text. Additional customization options for font, font color, and text size.

Static Screen Hints

The simplest of the three, this system is ideal for displaying longer text or paragraphs on the screen. See the “README” script for setup instructions.

GUI Tooltip Hints

These are super easy to set up, just insert a StringValue called “TooltipDescription” into any GUI object and you’re good to go! One benefit of this system is that the GUI object can be parented to any ScreenGUI and still be picked up by the system. You also won’t have to worry about GUI objects that are visible but their ScreenGUI is disabled - the system has a custom check for that too.

All setup instructions can be found in a “README” script or in the actual LocalScript as in the case of the GUI Tooltips.

Take the models here:

Screen and World Hints
Screen GUI Tooltip Hints

I also put together an uncopylocked demo place!


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this is absolutely amazing~!
very smooth UI!

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Great work - looks smooth and clean.

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Wow, this is really amazing! I will definitely use this in my builds. Thank you for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey everyone! Someone pointed out to me that the demo place was in fact not uncopylocked - the issue has since been fixed. Check it out below:


I love this, thanks bro! that is very smooth tweening

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Does anyone else get this error when running it in Studio

By far one of the greatest resource which I have figured out! Thank you so much! This will help players understand a thing and get to find some hints to make gameplay exciting!

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Very well-made resource! Thank you!

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Yes I get the same error, but for some reason I just ignore it.
Idk if its a problem tho

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