Hipheight properties parameter strange work

Why is it that when I change the properties parameter of Hipheight, it resets to 2 when I start the game. But if I do the same in the script, then it will work normally humanoid.Hipheight=0.6. Why, then, add such a parameter at all if it cannot be changed through the gui.

Well I assume it does work, but not for R15, because the hipheigh differs depending on how long your legs are. So they would always need to be changed, if I am not mistake for R6 they would work.

I noticed something else, after a while the character rises again to 2, but the properties indicate how much I put, and I put 0.4
It is normal

It is dont normal
But this value in properties

Ok, mens, i just dont change Hipheight, i change Humanoid.Sit = true. It is works.) My NPS works animation and he model goes down.
It is normal.)))

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