Hire a advanced scripter and animator (for a project)

About us
We are a small group with only a few members we do not have a scripter yet and we are makeing An FPs game with low poly guns and we need a scripter to help us script the guns
We dont have a builder yet but we will get one
@??? scripter 35% game earn
@Me 3d modeler 15% game earn
@6ixpix clothe designer 5% game earn
@ugglynolann Terrain maker 20%
@ArdominB GFX artist 15%
@??? Animator 10%
if interested contact me on my discord moods cheese#7993

Could you please put a little more effort into your hiring post?

It’s extremely hard to tell anything about a post when all we have to go off is the pay. What’s the project? What will the scripter be doing? Who will they be working with?

If you could, please do follow the format as it is a good example of what you should put into your post. You can find that format here.


You’re correct! We need more information regarding to this topic. @GodlyGear467, If you ever made any more posts like this empty than nobody will apply.

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