Hire me Builder / My portofolio

Hi everyone, I am an experienced builder and have been doing this for about 3 years. I work with Blender



For more examples made by me in the past I would ask you to access this link : [https://marianznf99.wixsite.com/buildermax ] - Portfolio


I am available for 3 to 5 hours to work daily. You can contact me any time. I usually make not very big assets, you see more in the displayed portfolio

CONTACT ME : Mmaxi-Builder#4587 Discord


Prices are negotiable, I accept either USD/ Euros via Paypal . For details, read the terms and conditions .

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Top notch builder, come see his work in action at Club Dead.

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Thank you very much for the words, success with “Club Dead” I am sure it will be a beautiful project and I’m glad I was able to help, greetings to the whole team :pray:t2:

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