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About Me

Hey, Erythia here! I’m offering my rigging and animation skills. I specialize with the newest animation editor in studio or blender, properly naming, and accurately rigging custom characters. I’ve been animating and rigging my own custom models for three years.

Currently only taking SHORT TERM commissions!!






3D Assets



I’m available for up to 4-5 hours of work per day. When I’m back in school, my availability will decrease to about 1-3 hours of work per day


Prices are negotiable, I accept pay per asset. My preferred payment method is USD via PayPal. Naming and rigging, and animating are priced differently and are primarily based on asset complexity and part count. I prefer upfront payment, or half up front and a half after payment.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Twitter at https://twitter.com/Erythia_roblox, or on Discord @ Erythia#2015

Thank you for considering my work!

[CLOSED] [10-15$ PER ANIMATION] Hiring Weapon Animator

Great work! :grin:


Erythia’s creature rigs and animations blow my mind!


Hey! I’m currently open and in need of some commissions, if anybody is interested DM me on discord Erythia#2015 or here on devforums. I’m familiar with r15 and custom character animations in blender, thanks!


Gosh Erythia your a great 3D modeler like the 3D Assets you created,keep it up.


wooo I love it


Amazing work :heart_eyes: Would hire if I had the money to do so


Lovely work. I’m a fan of the smooth terrain builds. I’ve been dabbling in smooth terrain more and more with each build because I love the idea of world building. However, I have a ton of projects so I might need a commission done for one of them. Are you currently looking for build commissions too or strictly animation ones right now?

If you are then I will definitely consider a commission in the near future. How much would a smooth terrain map (let’s say a large one) cost on average? Going by pay per asset here as an example.