[HIREABLE] xChaoticKing - Roblox Animator // UI Designer

Hey there!

I’m xChaoticKing, I’m an animator, UI Designer, texture artist, and I dabble in 3D modeling. Don’t worry about those though, this is a thread on my portfolio for animations as that is what I’m looking for right now! Down below includes some of my work and prices!
Feel free to message me on discord, xChaoticKing#1546 or twitter https://twitter.com/xChaoticKing!

My Roblox animations

https://gyazo.com/3f1dc7f59b5b62df6278106afa205e07 https://gyazo.com/9bda13774c9d0ab1b35ce8dba0b6a064 https://gyazo.com/9022244a12dee751de5de41fe0562082 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/530282893273071616/538766962839388180/1dfc56ce71efe364363fe3aac5895583.gif https://gyazo.com/1500b813ebeaa62036c03c192f89aa04

6/17/19 Animations and beyond:

This will be added to as I make more animations!

My UI Designs

work in progress
adding designs shortly


  • I accept money through paypal or robux through group funds or T-Shirt.
  • Pricing of both animations and UIs vary based on the complexity and time it takes me to make them.
  • The most common price will be starting at 2k+ robux and $10+ per animation.
  • For UI designs, prices will depend on the amount of designs being done. I usually will take a one-time amount for all the UIs rather than per design.
  • Please note that these prices could go up or down!
  • Any questions? Feel free to message me on discord or twitter listed above!

I look forward to working with some of you guys!


How long did it take for you to make the sample animation?

Can you Animate with Tools?

Can you Animate Dances or just Combat stuff?

Can you do custom rigs?

What program do you use?

I use roblox default animation editor. Although I’ve heard of more efficient ones, I like to stick to a more simple editor. I might transition to a new one in the near future.

I unfortunately can’t rig models, however, I can animate them if provided the rig.

I can animate with tools, just has to be scripted by your primary scripter. If you are asking like using the tool as a guideline when animating, I usually do that.

I also could definitely animate dances depending on the complexity. Some dances are super weird but I could attempt them.

Oh for sure! I’ve been an HD member for about 2 years now. I really enjoy that place.

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chaoticking works super fast :+1:

I’m in need of skill moves, magical ones where particles (which are provided) are shot in different ways.
I need 20 animations, they are fairly simple, and payment is 1.5k per animation.
Contact me on discord if interested @AlvinPolys#0001 or on DevForum, you’ve got some nice animations there!

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Hey! I may contact you real soon. I have question, you don’t accept robux, right?

He mentioned Robux payements for animations, so probably yes.

I do accept robux, it’s in my post!

Isn’t this the same thing?

Added you on discord at AQUA#5677

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Replied to you! Let me know. I’ve reached back.

Awesome animations from Cream Development Team! Would absolutely recommend and use again!

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I can vouch for Chaotic’s work and his friendly personality that he will provide you with any animation that you might need in a timely manner

Hello, I’m very impressed by your work and would love to talk to you on discord. If you’re available, please message me. Cal#2202

Good Morning xChaoticKing !

I am looking for an animator to make some custom dances. I am fairly new at developing and scripting and the overall Roblox platform all together. I have made 4 custom animations to date, but they are pretty bad. I am working on the game all alone so I do not want to spend all my time perfecting my animation talent just yet since I’m doing everything else. I need someone who has more experience to make me some custom dance animations for the game I am currently working on.

The theme is Disco 70’s and I really want some 70 style dances. Staying Alive would be on the top of the list for one of the dances, ya know John Travolta style. :slight_smile: If you don’t know what that is just go look up a youtube video, “John Travolta, Staying Alive, Saturday Night Fever.” I’m only pointing it out because some of you are young so you may not be too familiar with it. lol

I also would like some type of fun and funky forward flip that can be done while running.
I’ve attached some pics of the game in progress!

Ok great, I will contact you on discord.