[ HIRED/CLOSED ] [ 200$+ ] Looking a builder to build a site


Requirements for applying:

  • Have been building for more than 3-4 years
  • 16+
  • Able to finish the work ASAP
  • Able to communicate daily with updates on the job
  • Basic SCP genre knowledge

If this is your first job, don’t contact me

About Us

Hello, I’m oz_ken, I’m looking for an advanced builder to build my site for my group.

The Team
@oz_ken - CEO/Project Leader

About The Job

I’m looking for an advanced builder with high skills in the SCP/Sci-Fi genre. The site is going to be a roleplay site.

Entrance: The site is located underground of Mariana trench. Has two entrances, gate A and gate B which has to be located in two different places and they will meet up at the elevator room.

Sector 1: Sector 1 has a entrance locker room and a depressurization chamber. MD, FP, E&T, EC and SD will have spawn room, a generator room cafeteria, server room, Toilets, storage and a surgical room in the medical bay for MD.

Sector-2: There will be a gate between Sector 1 and Sector 2. CDCZ will be located there, MTF spawn as well. Control Room, Breach Shelter ( with escape pods ) and 5 SCP chambers.

Sector-3: Checkpoint between Sector 3 and 2, 6-8 SCP chambers.and an elevator for the REDACTED Sector and a checkpoint for Sector-X ( There will be 1 SCP chamber and 6 empty SCP chambers.

More information in DMs.


I’m paying via PayPal. I won’t be paying in robux. The payment will go up or down depends on the quality and skills when applying for the job.


Contact me via discord: Ken#5574

Thanks for the time!

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