[HIRING 10-20K] Scripter/UI/Builder/3D Modeler

Hello, I’m Legion and I’m looking for the following workers who have expertise in Scripting, UI works, and Builder/3D Modeler. The reason for such is because I’m currently creating a game Based upon England’s early time periods and conflicts with the Danish.

Currently, we’ll be doing a game similar to such of “Sword & Sorrow”, however, our faction creation will allow anyone to choose to be one of the 2 adversaries.
“Pagan | Christian”

If you know how to create Animated Swords please contact me you’ll be welcomed upon the team.

You can add me here, my only form of communication is discord really, Legion#7522
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Legion.
P.S. When adding me please have various of your works ready. Thank you.

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Please follow this template :smiley:

I can do Ui:

I can do UI:

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I Can help you with UI and some script and build
Contact me in discord
The Developer#3268

I’m instrested, my portfolio: [Commissions Open] ProGamerKuzey_C I Programmer, UI Designer
My main account: Kuzey_Dev
Discord: iiKxzey Dev#0001

I can help you out im a full time scripter if you like to hire me ;p 3348

Hey im interested in building for ya!
Discord : Dekuabisu#3366

I’m a fairly experienced scripter, with practically nothing else to do during summer break, due to covid.
If there is something I can’t do with scripting, I learn quickly.
My discord: IgnWombat#6911 (If you can’t get to me by my account, join my server discord.gg/59exp9X and ping me in an appropriate chat room)
I’m also pretty decent at analyzing script errors. If I get an error in the output, I often resolve it in less than a few minutes.

Could you elaborate a bit more on the positions, as well as payment? The information you have provided us with is very vague.

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