[HIRING ($1000 USD & % Rev.)] Lead Scripter needed for Project Pacifica!

Yea respond to me back when you get a chance I sent you everything you need to know

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Because it’s a standard, I remember having to completely change the way I program in order to be able to use OOP.
It makes games much more organized, rather than having tons of scripts just shoved in workspace and other services.

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ive sent a request ceo of poverty#0403

hope your not making everything object oriented, otherwise you’re better off not using OOP at all.

what are you talking about lol, why would “making everything object oriented” make OOP bad?

I see a lot of ppl who just learned how to OOP and make all of their code Object Oriented. Non OOP code is better than all OOP code imo. And I didn’t talk about OOP being bad.

But how? Object oriented seems to have it’s advantages, and it is not absolutely mandatory that you are knowledgeable of it but definitely preferred for this project.

Less than 10% of my modules r classes.

OOP is still unnecessary for probs most stuff you are scripting on roblox and it honestly looks sort of ridiculous when people use it for the weirdest cases when there’s no point, it’s just needlessly abstracting your code when it’s already simple enough (not saying this is always the case).
I actually think it is a good idea for understanding oop to be a requirement because that means they have at least some knowledge in general programming

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Hi there!

I’ve added you on Discord and look forward to getting in touch. (Tom#2621)
In the meantime you can take a look at my portfolio here:

Hope to speak to you soon,
-Tom :slight_smile:

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