[HIRING] |10k-20k| Developers for a cafe

About Us

We are a cafe in development. We haven’t thought of a name but if someone has one, feel free to tell me.

The Team
@Natsu_Dawn - Owner
@Icrony - Co-Owner
@Looking - Developer Team

About The Job

We are looking for a developer team that can make a full cafe. (Cafe, scripting, UI, GFX, and etc) You must be professional and experienced in what you do. If you’re a builder without a team but think you’ll fit this job, you can still contact me.


We are paying 10k-20k robux based on the quality of the cafe.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or Discord. Frozen Watermelon#0001
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :watermelon:


Is this 10k - 20k per developer or for the whole team? It would help me to know :grinning:

Are you looking for a clothing designer by any chance?

We might so friend me on discord.

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It is for the whole team because the builders do most of the work.

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I don’t have Discord. Send me a PM on forums and Ill tell you what I can do!

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Builders indeed do not do most of the work, Programming/Scripting wise your cafe wouldn’t come together without those. But I’m indeed interested in the position.

I agree, but cafes are based on the visual appearance.

This is something that happens almost every time I post something. My discord username is Frozen Watermelon#0001, not Watermelon#0001

Did you send me a friend request on discord? Pretty sure I didn’t get it.

Hi there! I think I’m fit for the job. I’ve built cafes in the past, which you can see on my portfolio - [CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions . My discord is nova;#8781.

Still looking for developers! Feel free to DM me a group name if you have one.

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Are you looking for a modeler ?

Hey! Are you still looking for a GFX artist?? If so, I’m interested.
Here is my portfolio:Shadow_duo324/GFX artist/For hire {CLOSED}

Hi there! I own a team called Pentagon5, and I am sure we can make you a fully functional cafe. It would include builds, scripts, GFX, UIs, etc., and we can make uniforms.
You can read more about us here: [PRICED LOWERED - UPDATED PORTFILIO] FOR HIRE - Pentagon5
Please DM me on the forums if you are interested!
(I sent you a discord friend request)

Are you looking for someone full stack to do all of these or one to build, one to script, etc?

Full stack unless you’re a builder I like.

You might not find a full stack dev on short notice because most people focus on one aspect, but here’s my portfolio in case you see something you like. [FULLY BOOKED] Uniform Designer

Note, I’m just a builder I don’t do scripts or UI

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