Hello there! We are the “Pentagon5”. We are a team of 5 people that creates (full) games for people. We are currently for hire to create games. We create sets of games.

The Team

@mmistaken - Creative Director https://twitter.com/mmistakenRoblox
@Bytiiz - Builder & Graphics Designer https://twitter.com/Bytiiz
@Jupiterc - Graphics (Drawn icons, thumbnails, gamespass icons, badge icons, UI, etc.)

@XxkerrishxX - Modeling https://twitter.com/xxkerrishx
@Lenoske - Programming https://twitter.com/Lenoske
@Ridoff - Building & Environmental Design (Terrain) https://twitter.com/Riddoff
@IggyDev - Programmer https://twitter.com/iggydev
@modelware - Building https://twitter.com/modelware_

Showcase and Work

Showcase and work of stuff that is released.


🛫 Tiny Airport: Flight Simulator [SOON!] - Roblox
for sale - [RELEASE!] Club Echo - Roblox
Kick Chests! 🦵 - Roblox
Death Simulation - Roblox
RDC Pre-Party - Roblox
[RELEASE!] Premium Hangout [Beta] - Roblox
Murder Mystery IV - Roblox
Socializing Simulator [RELEASE!] - Roblox
Tapping Legacy - Roblox
mmistaken's Show - Roblox
Guess Who! - Roblox
Robot 🤖 [ALPHA] (RELEASE) - Roblox
Tiles - Roblox
🌼[SUMMER]🌼☕Work at a Coffee Shop! - Roblox



Games for Sale

Kick Chests! 🦵 - Roblox

Personal Portfolios

[OPEN] [USD Paypal] Jupiterc's UI & 2D Art (SATISFIED OR YOU DON'T PAY)
[CLOSED] Bytiiz - Builder, Modeler
https://twitter.com/xxkerrishx (models/work shown here)


  • 2 Game Ads
  • One Game Logo
  • Game Map and 3 islands/zones (if islands or zones included in game)
  • Programmed and Functioned Game (depends on pack purchased and amount (for details))
  • Pet models (blocky), aseets, etc. (up to 20 pets)
  • 1 Icon and Thumbnail
  • 6 Gamepass icons
  • 5 Badge Icons
  • User Interface Set (UI)
    - Fully IMPORTED and SCALED UIs
  • 5 peices of merch, shirts, uniform, or a mix.
  • Custom Admin Commands (simple and useful commands) or Pannel with 2 features
    You may purchase extra features such as tweened UIs, custom admin commands, uniforms and clothing, more zones/islands, more pets etc.
Rules and ToS

You may cancel the order only BEFORE we start.
You pay after we complete the game, if payment is not given by the time the game is done, we will sell the game to another client, or upload it for ourselves.
We can DECLINE your order.
We can cancel your order and give you a partial refund depending on how much of game is completed.
You much provide details and examples.
We take up to 5 days to fix bugs.
You may commission us for updates.
Please keep in mind, games are not easy to make, they take time to create.
We can create a group and transfer ownership to you, or you can make a group and rank us with permissions. (We will not provide a group logo at the moment, maybe in the future we will.)
We do import UIs and scale them.
We may keep our version of the game up trough our group.


We do not take real life funds for now.

Whole game - 15k+ (cheaper for some games such as hangout, vibe games, etc.)
Partial game/finish game - 6k+

Starting from 5,000 robux


Full game: 8k+
Half game (some has already programmed some part(s)): 4k+ (it is hard to read other people’s coding, sometimes we may decline half-game codings)

We MAY take a % too. (of course, when you approve)

To start off, you may DM me on the Devforums, join a mutual discord server (find some trough my profile), or contact me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmistakenRoblox!

Our group: Pentagon5 - Roblox


You said pay first. How do we know we won’t be scammed?


they can show u proof first also bruh -_-

50k for whole game? 15k per hour? Bro y’all are overpriced.


If I was the one writing I’d ask to pay a little under half first, then at the end pay the rest.

Do they mean pay before they start or before they show you the final product? That’s what I’m asking.

I’ve updated the payment rules.

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I’ve updated the payment rules; check it if you’d like

Not really; you can profit a lot from games.


Check updated Terms of Service


i meant after they finish i guess so its not a scam

50k for a whole game isn’t bad


Depends on the game… some games are really simple and aren’t worth 50k

I’ve changed it, mentioning how some game such as club, vibes, etc CAN be cheaper.

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50k for a game? People say it’s overpriced but that’s really cheap for all of that, people make builds are charging like 100k. That’s underpriced to make a whole game and only charge that little. I would charge more. People who say you’re overpriced don’t know the value and are probably 11 year olds who want to be rich and famous without having a clue on how development works. Do not go lower than 50k, I would charge more if I were you. Also, kinda disrespectful to developers when those kids say it’s overpriced. I agree with your price, but you should charge more.


I would charge more but since we are new I am charging less. Price will probably go up as we get more commissions!

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No, we work for you, you pay us.