[HIRING] [20k+ Opportunity] HERMES OAKMONT INC is looking for an advanced scripter

We are a new game development studio that goes by the brand of HERMES OAKMONT INC. We believe that our studio has a bright forthcoming. We are looking for talented highly skilled Scripters to join our development studio.

Reporting to the Lead Game Developer, you will work closely with the team to participate in the development of systems related to mechanical and game logical, as well as NPCs.

  • Strength of proposition, you participate in scripting content prototypes in collaboration with the team.
  • You will participate in the implementation of the gameplay code following the team intentions.
  • You will be looking for innovative tools and techniques allowing you to achieve the best gameplay quality possible at the best possible performance

  • Extensive experience in LUA scripting / 1 year as a minimum
  • Good command of LUA programming
  • Autonomous, organized, good communication, you are endowed with real interpersonal skills and for teamwork
  • Good gaming culture and good gameplay sensitivity
  • Medium-Advance level of English spoken and written

The following experiences will be a plus to your job application:

  • Personal projects related to Roblox as well as professional projects.
  • A diploma in the domain
  • Prior experience in other big titles that reach more than 10mil visits.

Integrating the HERMES OAKMONT INC also means:

  • Join passionate and highly technical teams, all driven by the desire to design and develop innovative games and stand out for their quality
  • The possibility to expand your knowledge overall about Roblox while spending time in a friendly environment driven by passion rather than profits.

  • Base payment: 8000 Robux, these are the amount of Robux that you will guarantee to obtain after you’ve completed the assigned tasks.
  • Bonus payment: +20,000 Robux, these are the amount of Robux that you could obtain based on the performance, team cohesion, your response to the task, the speed you are able to complete the assigned tasks. This payment can fluctuate a lot and it’s not guaranteed.


Sebastian Quinox#9380


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Great visual presentation, eye candy.

How did you make the gif for “OAKMONT STUDIOS”? It looks really nice.

The presentation looks amazing but sadly i am not a scripter. But the presentation looks eye catching. Hope you find someone!

Hello there! I’ve made it with Adobe After Effects, I’m glad you like it!

Hi! I’m interested in the job.
What would I need to do?
DM me @ Sasial#1865. (:

Hey! I’m interested in the job. You can check out my portfolio here: [QUIT] moby_o archived portfolio

My discord is moby#7070, and I hope to work with you in the near feature.

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